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‘Good’ – Ofsted 2022

“Staff ensure that children feel safe and secure. They develop positive relationships with children. Children become independent learners.”

“Children’s behaviour is supported well across the setting. Staff consistently praise children for their efforts, achievements and positive behaviours. Children develop high levels of self-esteem, as well as good attitudes to their learning. Younger children have strong bonds with their key person. Older children seek staff out to show their accomplishments and share their ideas. All children confidently approach staff for comfort and reassurance, and settle quickly in their attentive care.”

“Staff understand the intent of the curriculum. They have good knowledge of what children know and can do. They use this to build on children’s next steps in learning.”

“Staff support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities well. They work alongside other agencies involved in children’s care and learning. Staff use information they obtain from parents in the beginning to plan for what children need to learn next. As a result, children make progress from their starting points in learning.”

“Staff support children to develop healthy lifestyles. All children enjoy regular access to their individual gardens, where they practise their physical skills. For instance, younger children enjoy making marks at large painting activities and riding bicycles. ”

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