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‘Good’ – Ofsted, 2016

“The nursery has been thoughtfully designed to be an inviting learning environment. Children enjoy the freedom to explore the different areas and activities available inside and the free access to the well-resourced garden. There are inviting den areas where children share books with staff throughout the day.”

“The key-person system is used effectively and if children develop a bond with a different member of staff their preference is taken into account. Children develop caring relationships with staff and are confident to seek comfort from them. Many caring and fun interactions are displayed, such as children happily choosing to sit on a lap to join in with singing a rhyme.”

“Staff use their questioning skills to encourage children’s thinking and communication. For example, staff use probing questions to encourage children to discuss colours and names of vegetables at lunchtime. Staff ensure that all children have their voices heard.”

“Staff know how to extend activities and introduce new concepts and mathematical language. Staff encourage children to follow their own interests. For example, children have different ideas behind their sand art designs, which they are happy to discuss.”

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