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‘Good’ – Ofsted, 2021

“Children are happy, settled and leave their carers with ease. They enjoy a stimulating range of activities and experiences across all areas of learning that help broaden their knowledge and build on their interests and what they already know. Children have daily opportunities for outdoor play. They join in with games and experiences that engage them.”

“Children behave well and develop firm friendships with children and staff. Children show care and concern for each other. For example, during a construction activity, older children take turns with the tools. When children are unable to do something, other children step in to help. This demonstrates the positive attitudes children have and the kindness they show. Babies show that they feel safe and secure. They smile happily and hold up their arms for staff to pick them up. Babies cuddle into staff and staff respond warmly. Staff sing to young children as, for example, they change nappies and carry out other care routines. This good-quality care supports children’s personal, social and emotional development.”

“Staff support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities very well. They demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of each child’s individual needs and specific requirements. Staff’s ongoing relationships and collaborative working with other professionals are effective in meeting children’s needs. As a result, the interaction, support and reasonable adjustments made improve children’s daily care and education.”

“Partnerships with parents are strong and parents speak highly of the staff team. Staff promote daily communication with parents and offer feedback, both verbally and as part of their online daily diary system.”

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