Learning through play


20150206-IMG_4309-©Dan Evans 2015Our aim at Bright Stars Nurseries is to ensure that children enjoy every day with us having fun in a caring and nurturing environment while they grow and develop into bright stars of the future; achieving the very best that they can be. We encourage children’s learning and development through providing a enabling environment with activities and opportunities for them to explore, seek challenges and solve problems while they enjoy their day. Our qualified staff plan for children to extend their learning at appropriate times as they play ensuring that they have fun and find their experiences both rewarding and positive. Through the learning and experiences that we provide children from Bright Stars Nursery are prepared for school and their next educational experience as they progress along their individual developmental pathway.

Bright Stars Nursery allocates a specific key person to each child to monitor their progress and liaise with parents on a daily basis. This ensures that children form a bond with someone they know and trust which enables them to feel secure in their nursery environment. We value our partnership with parents and carers promoted by regular detailed exchanges through daily verbal communication, newsletters, written progress reports and parent evenings. This helps parents and carers to further support their child’s learning experience and development at home and provides consistency of care for children.

At Bright Stars Nursery we 108-0816_IMGutilise a variety of pedagogical theories in the teaching and learning methods we use with our nursery children and these include ideas from Piaget; Montessori; Froebel, Steiner, Vygotsky among others as well as Reggio Emilia and Forest Schools philosophies. This ensures that we provide rich learning experiences for our nursery children through a deep understanding of child development. From this understanding we particularly value learning through play which underpins our whole approach to the activities and experiences we offer our Nursery children. Play encourages creativity and imagination in children as well as being intellectually challenging, allowing them to work at something in great depth and consolidate their learning according to their own individual needs.

We look forward to giving a warm welcome to your child at one of our Nurseries and working together with you to ensure that their early years are a memorable and enjoyable experience that builds firm foundations for their future educational journey.


Each time one prematurely scb0m6u3_13 teaches a child
something he could have discovered himself,
that child is kept from inventing it and consequently
from understanding it completely.

-Jean Piaget