Extra-Curricular Activities

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Bright Stars Nursery
compliments our curriculum by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities which vary depending upon which nursery your child attends. We believe that this enhances children’s experiences and skills and supports them in all areas of their development. Our parents find these sessions very helpful as it saves them having to find suitable activities at
weekends and outside of the nursery hours. All our extra-curricular activities are provided by suitably qualified professionals who are fully compliant with our Safeguarding Children Policies. An example of some of our extra-curricular activities include; French, Yoga, Football and Ballet.

In addition to extra-curricular activities delivered by qualified professionals Bright Stars Nursery also provides in-house small group sessions that enhance and develop specific areas of children’s learning and development. These sessions vary depending upon which
nursery your child attends and may be offered to children in specific age groups. An example of these sessions are; Jolly Phonics, Time to talk, Maths Fit and Explorers Group. We believe that offering children the ability to participate in stimulating activities as part of a small group helps them to develop self-confidence alongside social skills.

Bright Stars Nur110-1091_IMGsery usually undertakes a whole nursery outing once a year to a place of interest such as a farm, zoo or adventure playground. This is always a fun and enjoyable experience for our nursery children, staff and parents. In addition we undertake regular local visits and outings with our nursery children to libraries, parks, local shops and amenities which offers them interesting learning experiences and enhances their knowledge and understanding of the world and communities around them.

Maria Montessori



The Environment must be rich in motives
which lend interest to activity and invite
the child to conduct his own experiences.

-Maria Montessori