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“The staff have a robust knowledge and understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They are very much aware how children learn and provide exciting and varied experiences for children.”  (February 2013)

“Overall, there is a good range of exciting activities to promote the seven areas of learning.”  (February 2013)

“Children feel safe and secure and are keen learners who display the characteristics of effective learning. They explore and investigate the exciting activities.”  (February 2013)

“Staff help all children in the acquisition of communication and language skills and in their physical, personal, social and emotional development. Consequently, children of all ages and abilities make good progress in their learning.”  (February 2013)

“The nursery provides children with healthy snacks; they enjoy a range of fruits and healthy meals.”  (February 2013)

“A stimulating well resourced environment with good quality toys both indoors and outdoors, support all areas of children’s development.”  (February 2013)

“Children have regular opportunities to play outdoors, riding bikes, climbing, balancing and using play equipment in the park, which supports their physical development.”  (February 2013)

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